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AAR Translator ABAAR Translator
Box 3063
SE-200 22 Malmö
Phone: +46 40 680 26 80, fax: +46 40 18 73 73

AAR Translator was founded in the early 1970s by certified translator Hanns Lehner, who is still very much part of AAR. From the very beginning, we were inspired by a genuine interest and passion for language. We translate to and from virtually all languages, and at our office in Malmö the AAR team is engaged in translation, revision, proofreading and review. We have a well established international network of 400 competent, reliable translators who specialise in specific subject areas. Approximately one third of our translators are certified.

Amesto Translations AB Amesto
Box 3008
SE-400 10 Göteborg
Phone: +46 31 360 98 00, fax: +46 31 360 98 10
Contact: Pernilla Abrahamsson

Amesto Translations is a full service company translating to and from all languages. Amesto translates and adapts software, web sites, documentation and marketing material. The company is part of Amesto Group AS and is one of the leading players on the Nordic translation market, with offices in Göteborg, Stockholm, Oslo and Århus. We have both inhouse translators and a large number of external partners. Please register your information on our home page at under Jobs and Career if you are interested in working with us.

Betyg och Intyg Översättningar - ELT B&Y-Logo
SE-741 90 Knivsta
Phone: +46 8 661 37 75, fax: +46 8 551 122 57
Contact: Maria Holmström

Betyg & Intyg Översättningar [Certificate Translations] is a part of English Law Translations (see below) and specialises in providing authorised translations to and from English of various formal and official documents, such as diplomas, degrees, references, birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills, estate inventories and divorces.

CBG-konsult AB
Box 1036
SE-172 71 Sundbyberg
Phone: +46 8 555 845 00, fax: +46 8 555 845 20
Contact: Ulf Stålhös

CBG has carried out translation related activities since 1965 and is today a leading company in this field in Scandinavia.
Our objective is to give our customers a complete response to their demands for multilingual solutions by using the highest level of linguistics and technology.
CBG was established in Stockholm (Sweden) where our headquarters are still located. Over the last few decades our company has experienced a high demand for its services and we have undergone significant expansion. Today we also operate from offices in Leuven (Belgium), Shanghai (China), Frankfurt (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Barcelona (Spain) and Detroit (United States).
Over the years we have built up a multinational in-house staff of translators, proofreaders, linguists, coordinators, project managers, DTP-personnel, engineers and software developers to ensure that our problem solving capacity always includes perspectives from all aspects of our work.
Beside our in-house staff we have an extensive global network of translators and proofreaders, all specialised in their individual areas of competence and language combinations. To ensure high quality, our translators only translate into their native language.

English Law Translations ABELT
SE-741 90 Knivsta
Phone: +46 8 661 37 75, fax: +46 8 551 122 57
Contact: James Hurst

ELT – English Law Translations - is a translation company which focuses on the translation of legal and financial texts from Swedish to English, and also from English to Swedish. We are suppliers of translation services to many government authorities, including the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swedish Ministry of Justice and courts. The company also provides qualified translations to lawyers, legal firms and corporate legal departments.

Esaro AB esaroLogo 200
Stora Nygatan 44
111 27 Stockholm
Phone : 08-411 33 77

Esaro AB is a single language provider for Swedish, working with in-house translations from English, Danish, German and Spanish, and with reviews, terminology, and linguistic testing. Our clients are mostly major international LSP companies looking for a flexible, competent and experienced language partner who can combine excellent technical skills and knowledge of the subject matter with stable linguistic quality and proven processes. The internal staff of language experts handles most of the requests from our offices in central Stockholm, but we also have access to an extensive network of freelancing resources for additional capacity.

Exacta översättningar ABExacta Översättningar AB
Bryggargatan 6A
Box 805
Phone: +46 8 22 00 44, fax: +46 8 22 00 55
Contact: Maria Danielsson/Kaj Ekroos

Professional translations to and from most languages.

Kommunicera Communications ABKommunicera
Sockerbruket 17
SE-414 51 Göteborg
Phone: +46 31 346 15 00, fax: +46 31 31 346 15 10
Contact: Johan Læstadius/Maare Ollin

Kommunicera assists the Nordic and European export and import industry with translation and quality enhancement of written information by adapting software, websites, documentation and marketing material. Through an extensive global network of partners translations are produced in the respective user countries. By integrating our translation, project management, graphical and IT services we are able to offer our customers fully tailored solutions. The company has offices in Gothenburg and Oslo and is a Swedish member of the Eulogia/Eupharia consortium of translation companies. Our operations are accredited with the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard.

Language Services
Press, Information and Communication Department, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Phone: +46 8 405 57 46, fax: +46 8 723 11 76
Contact: Timothy Chamberlain

Language Services (Språktjänsten) provides in-house translation and editing services for the Government Offices of Sweden and arranges language training for Government Offices staff.

Lionbridge Sweden AB Lionbridge
Första Långgatan 30
SE-413 27 Göteborg
Phone: +46 31 775 60 80, fax: +46 31 775 60 81
Contact: Karin Backhurst

Lionbridge is the world’s leading provider of translation and localization services. We help businesses tailor products and content to the unique requirements of regional markets, while preserving their firm’s global brand and market position. Lionbridge provides organizations with re-engineered and culturally adapted multilingual versions of their products and applications, corporate web sites, user interfaces, online help systems, product documentation, and sales and marketing information. Lionbridge's web-based language asset management system, Logoport, is available to Lionbridge’s customers and translation partners. Logoport stores translation memories and glossaries in a secure, central repository and supports many thousands of concurrent users.

Fatbursgatan 1
SE-118 28 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 599 219 00

SDL is the leader in Global Information Management (GIM) solutions that empower organizations to accelerate the delivery of high-quality multilingual content to global markets. Its enterprise software and services integrate with existing business systems to manage global information from authoring to publication and throughout the distributed localization supply chain.
With SDL language services, corporations can be assured of the efficient translation of content - from any language into any language at high quality and low cost. SDL has invested in building a network of more than 50 offices in 40 countries, which is the furthest reaching infrastructure in the translation, localization and GIM markets.

Semantix Semantix
Box 10059
SE-100 55 Stockholm
(Office: Linnégatan 89E)
Phone: +46 8 506 225 50, fax: +46 8 506 225 99
Contact: Agneta Strömbäck

Semantix is one of Europe's leading suppliers of qualified language and communication services. Our primary services are translation and community interpreting, but we are also rapidly growing within the fields of training, writing and overall solutions for Web production. Our services involve all languages and all types of text. We have a unique network of more than 5,000 translators, language consultants and interpreters all over the world. Semantix has 6 offices in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Norrköping, Uppsala and Umeå. We also have offices in Norway and Finland. Our entire business is certified under ISO 9001.

Språkbolaget AB
Skeppsbron 5
SE-411 21 GöteborgSpråkbolaget
Phone: 031-60 40 90
Contact: Maria Lachonius

We are a creative translation agency!
Språkbolaget is a creative translation agency in Gothenburg that has helped businesses with quality translations for more than ten years. We are a language partner that offers language consultation and translation of primarily advertising and marketing texts. Since 2002 we’ve built up a solid network of over 200 translators in a wide range of languages and fields of expertise. As our customer, you can expect quality translations, excellent service and personal dedication.

Språkservice Sverige AB Språkservice
Box 17007
SE-200 10 Malmö
Phone: +46 770 45 74 58 (vxl), fax: +46 40 28 62 21
Contact: Nanna Andersson

Språkservice is one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of language services to the public and private sectors.
We work with all languages and all kinds of texts.
If you have a few years’ experience of professional translation and would like to join our team of freelance translators, please submit an application.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Stratcore AB Stratcore
Stationsvägen 4
Box 121
SE-184 22 Åkersberga
Phone: 08-540 858 51
Contact: Ylva Forsberg

At Stratcore we have a global network of professional translators, writers and linguists, which allows us to offer high-quality language services both quickly and efficiently in all professional and language areas. We can help you with everything from translation, and website and software localization to proofreading, copywriting services and intercultural advice. Stratcore also provides DTP, layout and design services – we can offer you everything from translation to the finished product, ready for printing. Our clients are mostly industrial clients, but also include advertising agencies and other companies that need language services. We are flexible and willing to help at short notice when you need us. Welcome to Stratcore – your professional translation agency!

Teknotrans AB Teknotrans
Redegatan 1
SE-426 77 Västra Frölunda
Phone: +46 31 69 47 60, fax: +46 31 69 47 65
Contact: Christian Hammer/Jessica Mörk Hammer

Teknotrans supplies commercial language services, primarily within the areas of technology, accounting, IT and advertising. We translate to and from most major languages and work with over a hundred professional freelance translators. Our customer base includes both multinational industrial groups and dynamic family businesses. They all value good translations and have high demands for accuracy, service and confidentiality. Our DTP department uses FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, PowerPoint, Interleaf and similar programs. Teknotrans AB is one of Sweden’s most established language services providers, with close to 40 years’ branch experience. It is also one of the few companies quality certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2000 and environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.

Textforum AB
Västra Hamngatan 21
Phone: +46 31 711 27 90, fax: +46 31 711 27 99
Contact: Cecilia Humbla

Tolkcentralen, Göteborgs Stad
Box 11 305
404 27 Göteborg
Phone: +46 31-3680880, +46 31-3680852, +46 730-77 52 08, fax: +46 31-13 30 99
Contact: Eva Bernbro

Translator Scandinavia AB liten trs_logo2011 (2)
Box 4209
SE-102 65 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 702 05 03, fax: +46 8 640 51 57
Contact: Cecilia Enbäck

Translator Scandinavia AB has been around since 1991, helping companies and institutions communicate effectively in a variety of languages. We are a medium-sized translation agency specialized in high-quality translations for the fields of business affairs, economics, finance, management, marketing, medicine, accounting, computers, technology, and advertising, as well as subjects related to the European Union, for private enterprises and public sector agencies in Sweden, Europe, and the rest of the world. Our people are imbued with an uncompromising attitude towards quality at all stages, and we strive actively and continuously to improve our procedures and routines so that we can offer even better texts within the cost and time restraints that our customers demand.

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